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We are all more than aware of the struggle that millions of people face on a daily basis in third world countries, but how much do we actually know, and why does it always seem that the problem is getting worse and not better? In this article, we will explore the above points, and try to find a potential solution to the problems people in third world counties face on a daily basis.

We are all constantly reminded of the problems facing third world habitants on a daily basis. They struggle through pointless wars, lack of food, and clean water, threats of disease, potential kidnappings, and attacks on women. The fact of the matter is, almost everybody that lives in a third world country wakes up with a real threat that, that day could be their last, and you do not need to be told why this is a less than desirable situation.

Where does the money go?

Western countries supply billions of dollars every year to third world countries, but after the governments hand outs, or your single donation, you rarely hear what the money has gone towards, and if you do hear about where your funds have gone, then how do you know it is the truth? Surely every single charity cannot detail, where the funds have gone from every single person. Some people that donate have become rather annoyed because even though western countries pump billions into third world counties each year, the problem seems to be getting worse, and this is changing the attitude of many dedicated charity donators.

While nobody in the world has a simple solution or answer to the problem, it seems like the finances are being poured into dealing with the problem here and now, and not so much for helping the situation in the future. While there are plans being setup among western countries, for people in the eastern countries to work their own way out of poverty, these plans are rare.

What is the answer?

It seems like there should be a revamp of what happens with the donated money. It is necessary to deal with the intermittent problems; otherwise, there will be more immediate deaths, which could potentially be prevented. However, it seems that some of the ″longer-term″ plans should be altered or pulled from the system altogether. Revamping these plans will allow people with better ideas to put their thoughts forward. Every man and women living in a third world country does not want to live on sparse handouts, they want the chance to work their way out of poverty, and it seems the western world is not giving them the best chance to do so with the funds that are donated each year.

Clearly, the western world governments are spending too much money on other areas that shall go unmentioned. Revamping where their funds are issued to will allow for countries to spend more on the third world problems, and not so much in other areas.

It seems that in third world countries, teaching people is crucial. Teaching men, women, and children about the dangers of what they do on a daily basis, will allow them to avoid some of the problems that they face.

Another area to look at would be to increase the amount of contraception deployed to third world countries. To do this the government would have to pair up with the biggest contraception manufactures in the western world to ensure that enough contraception is sent out to third world countries.

There is a little known fact. This fact states that if you put all the food sources that are produced in one day then you could feed everyone in the world three good meals a day, however, while we all know this would not be feasible because of transport issues, it shows you that there are the resources in the world to deal with the problems, but no plans in place to put them into action.

The simple answer is it seems like more money should go into the future. This means that instead of supplying water and food, more money should go into supplying the materials and instruction so the people in third world countries can build what they need to themselves. This means charity workers should be coaching more people than they currently are, and the money should be going into projects building for the future. We will then see a vast improvement in living conditions in ten – twenty years.

While it is easy to sit here and work out potential solutions, we can only consider that all these ideas have been thought of before. The reality is western governments and large corporations that make billions of pounds profit each year need to help with the work in third world counties more than they are now, otherwise, the situation will continue to get worse.

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