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A group of 300 drones made a show in Cornwall, Great Britain, the world leaders of the G7 being asked to act now to protect the planet.

World leaders, including US President Joe Biden, met in Cornwall to attend the G7 summit and discuss the health, climate, and nature crisis.

Greenpeace used this moment to welcome world leaders, sending them a strong and simple message.

Artificial intelligence programs were used to choreograph the movement of drones, illustrating 3D animals and words interspersed with projections. A total of 300 illuminated drones were used to create the images, making it the largest drone show ever produced in the UK. The drone groups were up to 76 m high and 122 m long.

The two-minute film features projections of animals, including a jaguar, tuna, and bee, created by hundreds of bright drones moving in the sky. In the background, children’s voices send strong messages of hope.

Greenpeace uses the film to call on the leaders of the seven largest economies and the EU to give up their ambitions to address these crises and take significant steps to stop the damage they are causing. Greenpeace calls on all leaders to protect at least 30% of the land and sea by 2030 while respecting the rights of indigenous peoples and their dependent local communities.

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[Photo from Unsplash]